Ch.Gostuen’s Olympus, * 13.06.2014, “Rufus”

K640_Rufus Kopf 3,4 J.
3,4 Jahre
 K640_Rufus steht 1

Breeder Inger and Tina Pettersen, Norwegen

Thank you Inger and Tina for this handsome boy.

clear eyes (DOK)
clear heart 26.11.2018
Heartdoppler/ultrasound clear heart 14.06.2016
Patellar 0/0
DNA-Tested:  Curly coat dry eye syndrome: clear
Episodic falling: clear
Syringomyelia clear (MRI-0c) 03.08.2015

Landesjugendsieger Thüringen 2015
German Junior Champion
Landesjugendsieger Franken-Oberpfalz 2015
VDH-Jugendsieger Leipzig 2015
Landessieger Bayern 2015
Landessieger Chemnitz 2016
Landessieger Sachsen (VK) 2017
5x BOB
German Champion (VK)
German Champion (VDH)
Landessieger Sachsen (VK) 2018

Rufus is used to be as stud dog for approved bitches.


10 weeks
K640_Rufus stand 17 W.
17 weeks
K640_Rufus Stand 7 Mon.
7 month
K640_Rufus Kopf 10 Mon.
12 month old
K640_Rufus bearbeitet14 month Gostuen's Olympus16 month old.

. Ahnentafel Pedigree (4-Generations)

Inbreeding: 0,00 % (calculated using 4 generations), AVK: 100 %

Maibee Montrose Craigowl Dixon
Maibee Silverspur Maibee The Stand In
Maibee Celica Maibee Lorphil Lagonda
Ch. Vallarens Urakaipa
clear heart 6 years, clear eyes, PL 0/0
Maibee Vanessa
Ch. Miletree Perion Ch. Miletree Nijinsky
Vallarens Nightqueen Bumblecorn Campion Of Miletree
Vallarens Cyklamen Ch. Cavaliertorpets Elton
Vallarens Anis Pimpinella
Tatanja’s Dreamy Sun Shine Tatanja’s Sun Shine
Ch. Gostuen’s Teddy Bear
clear heart 8 years, clear eyes, PL 0/0
Stonehill’s Emilia
Ch. Jörsi’s Julefryd Ch. Ricksbury Carlton
Gostuen’s O’ Mamma Mia
clear heart 9 years, clear eyes, PL 0/0
Magic Charm’s Cream Charamell
Ch. Vouges Jason Ch. Immenhof’s Catani
Bio-Bios Take A Look At Me Now Ch. Herrgärdscavaljerens Manga
Ch.Jablen Flash Of Hope Ch. Breeze Armani
Ch. Jablen Spice Girl

judge reports:

28.06.2015, judge R. Kadike-Skadina (LV):
Nice junior, excellent condition, correct propotions, masculine head, excellent topline, correct tail, correct angulations, good front and volume, lovely temperament, moves very well.

04.03.2017, judge Wera Hübenthal (N):
Excellent size and type, very nice head, good neck, well developed body, good bones and angulations, moving well with correct tail- carriage. Excellent coat and temperament.

15.12.2018, judge Tatjana Urek (SL):
4,5 years. Excellent type. Very nice head with good expression. Correct bite. Good length of neck. Correct topline and tailset. Good length of body. Correct angulations. Very nice temperament. Good coat quality and markings. Correct movement.