In Memoriam


K640_HundegrabIn loving Memory.

We will always remember our dogs for all the joy and love they gave us.

A sadly day:

On 01.02.2014 we lost our beloved Babbler’s Lucky Coin “Lucky” two month before her 13.Birthday. Lucky was our foundationbitch. She will be remembered through her children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren.

Dt. Veteranen-Champion, Ostalbveteranensiegerin 2009, Jahresbeste Veteranin 2009 

Babbler’s Lucky Coin, ” Lucky”

K640_IMG_644208.04.2001 – 01.02.2014

I was young! I ran like the wind and glistened, fresh and new with each season. Colorful leaves raced across the lawn, crisp and elusive. Snow flakes danced in the howling winds, but winter posed no threat.

I was young! Each season blended into the next, and each displayed its beauty. The years passed. Your joys were mine, as were your sorrows. Our love grew in understanding and I served you faithfully. Now, out of your love for me I ask your courage.

I am old! My sight has dimmed. I no longer greet each season with joy. I cannot run and my body knows pain. So have the wisdom, dear friend, out of love, to bid me farewell, and send me on my way with dignity. And cherish each season we shared, for they are eternity.

Jean Forster

Dt. Jgd.Ch. Dt. Ch. ICC+VDH, Öst. Ch., Internationaler Champion Landesjugensieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2003, Jahresbester b/t Rüde 2003 im ICC, Landessieger Franken-Oberpfalz 2005 Landessieger Thüringen 2005, Österr. Klubsieger 2005

Marjaniemen Musta Felix, “Felix”

Felix-11.12.12 216.08.2002 – 16.12.2012

We sadly lost our beloved Felix on 16.12.2012. He will remain with us forever. Goodbye my lovely boy.

Dt. Ch. ICC+VDH, Dt. Bundessieger 2001, Öst.Ch., Internationaler Champion Sieger Baden-Württemberg 2002 Alpe Adria Winner 2005 Veteranen Champion (VK),Ostalbveteranensieger 2009/2010/ 2011, Clubveteranensieger ICC 2010, Jahresbester Veteran ICC 2010 /2011

Babbler’s His Mastervoice, Oscar

Oscar-31.7.1211.01.1998 -09.08.2012

We sadly lost our beloved Oscar on 09.08.2012. He is greatly missed by us. Oscar will be remembered through his children and grandchildren,for me my own Frida. Goodbye my dearest boy.


  Eddy von der Wilhelmshöhe

Eddy-7-Jahre    8.August 1993 – 4.Juni 2001


K640_Bobby     Oktober 1985 – 21.August1993