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Homekennel of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel “Sweiga’s”

I was always in love with dogs and I got my first dog in the year 1986, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Seven years was Bobby a faithfully companion, till August 1993, when he died.


In October 1993 we bought from a VDH-breeder a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, called Eddy, at the age of nine weeks. He had a nice temperament, was friendly to everyone and lived with us.

I saw my first Cavalier in the year 1996 and fell in love with this breed. I bought many books about this breed and in March 1998 I got my first Cavalier male “Babbler’s His Mastervoice”, called Oscar. He came from Finland from the FCI-breeder Johanna and Ilpo Jokinen.

Eddy and Oscar were real companions till June 2001 when Eddy died (cancer). Oscar missed his companion very much and we got from the same breeder our tricolour bitch “Babbler’s Lucky Coin”, called Lucky. This lively bitch is a joy to us, but we didn’t forgot our Bernese Mountain Dogs Bobby and Eddy.
Since October 2002 a third Cavalier has come to our life. I flew to Helsinki and fetched the Black & Tan male “Marjaniemen Musta Felix”,called Felix from the FCI-breeder Marja Kurittu.Felix-9-W.Kopf

I’m a member of the International Club for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel e.V. and all my dogs are heart,-hip, eyes and kneechecked.
In October 2001 Oscar, my male won the title “German Bundessieger 2001″ in Dortmund and at the same time the title “German Champion VDH and ICC”. More important than the titles is, that Oscar is the father of many males and bitches of good quality. Many of his children are very successful in the showring as well.

I started this hobby with my tricolour bitch Lucky and my aims and ambitions are to breed beautiful dogs with good temperaments and to be healthy and long living. The puppies will be grown up within the house and garden together with children and will be a good socialisation. The puppies will be checked by a vet before they will be given to responsible people , who give them a lovely permanent home, and be a much loved pet.

Resume September 2007,

In the meantime I’ve got a small, straightforward dog breeding and my cultivation goals are especially the healthfulness of my animals. This includes for me a good anatomy of my dogs and no hyper typing of Cavalier, such as a short catch, to much hair or protuberant eyes. A Cavalier is, as every dog provided for walking. That’s why a beautiful way to walk, with good ground cover in the front, as well as in the back are very important for me.

My breeding animals are analized for heart, -patella-, and eyes and are assessed with excellent by international approved judges.

Given that I breed only in the context of my home, and take my older dogs in a “retirement pension”, the number of my Cavaliers is limited. Thereby I can’t offer puppy-dogs all the time. But the advantage of my dogs, that live in my house, is, that I can concentrate my attention to each and everyone. They get every care and affection a social animal such as a dog needs, to reach his or her physical, intellectual, and sanitary maturity. Spacious daily walks and excursions are provided as well.

I have puppies once- twice a year, but those are cared for lovely by their mom and I myself and my whole family emboss them, especially after the vegetative phase (3/4weeks) where dog puppies start to realize their environment. This means a lot of work for the breeder, but is rewarded by intelligent puppies, who are well prepared for their following live. Between the 4th and 20th week, puppies learn best and have to gain lots of experience, to be able to grow to a self confident dog.

When the dogs are about 9-10 weeks old, it is time to give them over. They are grown appropriate to the species, dewormed several times, immunized, chipped, veterinary under examination and assessed by the breed warden of ICC. They are well taught by their “dog’s kindergarten” in house and garden, have experienced dog harness and car driving. We give the puppies over with their harness, blanket and food. The new owner receives also an info map, a book, a puppy brooch, and pictures of his new dog from the 1st day until the age of 9 – 10 weeks.

Furthermore I am accessible to solve problems and answer questions after a puppy is bought. I’m even glad if I am able to hear a lot about my dogs and their owners in the future.

Last but not least I want to thank those families, that provide a lovely and beautiful home for my previous born Cavaliers and also have a good relationship with me. That also what I wish for each and every dog in the future.

Resume April 2010:

My foundationbitch “Lucky”, now 9 years old, is retired since 2007. She is an old lady in best health and loved to run outsides and in the ring as a Veteran. She produced me 5 litters with beautiful tricolours and blenheims and two black and tans. Today I am proud to line my breeding back to Lucky.

Lucky-9-J.Stand-re                                    Lucky-beste-Veteranenhündin                                  Babbler’s Lucky Coin “Lucky in super conditon, aged 9 years. She got the title German Veteranenchampion and was best female Veteran in 2009 in ICC.

I have bred a small number of cavaliers and trying my best to keep up the health and soundness of this lovely breed. From D-litter 2006 I kept for myself the tric. bitch “Sweiga’s Desired Rose, called Laura. Sire of this lovely litter Multi Ch.Elvenhome Finlandia and Babbler’s Lucky Coin. Elvenhome Finlandia goes back to Australian and English healthy lines. Laura a promising bitch grown to a successful dog. She got many Champion-titles and finished now the Int. Champion. She is my third International Champion.
Babbler’s His Mastervoice finnished this title in 2005 and Marjaniemen Musta Felix in 2006.

Int.-Ch.-Laura                 3-Int.-Ch.

I feel so good because Laura is a very good healthy brood bich too and produced 2 lovely litters with 7 and 6 puppies.
Sire of these litters my old Ch. Babbler’s His Mastervoice “Oscar”.
Oscar’s background very longliving, healthy dogs, so I kept for myself the blenheim bitch “Sweiga’s Frida”. She, her littersister Fanny and litterbrothers Fynn and Feivel are now used for breeding too. They are successful in the showring and Frida and Fynn got the German Juniorchampion. Laura’s brothers Sweiga’s Dark Dream and Sweiga’s Dream On are healthy stud-dogs too.

Sweiga’s Frida (blh.), 4 month old with Granddam Lucky (on the righten side), Sire Oscar (left) und Dam Laura (in front of).Felix (left).

I hope Frida would be continue these healthy line. She is now 19 month old, eyes,-knees and heartchecked and free from these diseases. Frida is an old type of Cavalier because very old Sire and Grandsire (Babbler’s His Mastervoice *1998 and Grandsire (Cinola Hogan *1987)

Laura-u.-Frida                            Clubvetsieger-Oscar--10
Laura with daughter Frida 19 month old.                        Oscar, August 2010

Frida successful on shows too, got her first CAC in March 2010. She has her breeding allowed and we are planning her first
litter in Summer/Autumn 2010.
Oscar , active as stud-dog aged over 12 years, produced a litter with 7 lovely puppies in March 2010.

April 2010: Oscar 12 years, Laura 3 1/2 years (background), in front of: Lucky 9 Jahre, Felix 7 1/2 years and Frida 19 month old.

Some impressions from Sweiga’s


Everyday we are going for a walk, daily three. This is important for good
bones and muskle and we haven’t no bordom.
Frida-Sofa-4     … but sometimes Couchpotatoe
Resumee 2012:

From breederfriends Radek and Katerina Smejkalova I have bought Finlandia Kara Minowara a b/t bitch from interesting and healthy Australian and Czeck-English lines. She lives by my friend Frauke and I can used Kara for 1-2 litters.
From Laura’s I-litter I keep for myself a blenheim bitch Sweiga’s Indian Rose, called Ida. Her Sire Homerbrent Equerry, over 6 years old, healthy heart, eyes and knees, Syringomyelia-free (A), free of Curly coat dry eye syndrome and episodic falling has longliving and heart healthy Homerbrent lines.
Ida developed fine and got many excellent on shows. She is, as my other brood bitches, fully tested of Patellarluxation, MVD, eye diseases and Syringomyelia (0c) and DNA-free of CC and EF.

Some relations of her are scanned too with A, free of heart, eyes and knees diseases: Dam Sweiga’s Desired Rose, Sire Homerbrent Equerry, granddam Babbler’s Lucky Coin, grandsire Ch. Elvenhome Finlandia, grand-granddam Elvenhome Charmeuse, halfbrother Ch. Sweiga’s Godric, halfsister Ch. Sweiga’s Frida und Sweiga’s Fanny, uncle Sweiga’s Dark Dream und cousin Palanterhof Galaxy of Love (new sheme 0c).
I’m very pleased about this good results of my line.

It’s for me very important to breed healthy dogs. I’m looking always to fully tested if possible older stud dogs for my brood bitches. It must be a healthy dog not only a Champion.

On 09.August 2012 was a sadly day. My family and I must say goodbye to my dearest boy Oscar (Ch. Babbler’s His Mastervoice), aged 14, 7 years. He was all the years a healthy boy with good soundness and fitness. He produced in the age of 12 his last litter with 7 puppies and was a wonderful showdog till the age of 13,9 years.
On 16. December 2012 the next bad day. Felix (Ch. Marjaniemen Musta Felix), aged 10,4 years was dead in the morning.
Oscar and Felix were our loved companions but we will always remember them for all the joy and love they gave us.

Oscar-31.7.12                         Felix-11.12.12 2
Oscar photo from 31.07.2012                   Felix photo from 11.12.2012


Resumee Dezember 2014:
From P-litter, born 18.09.2013 I was kept for myself the tricolour bitch Sweiga’s Peace Rose, called Heidi. She is a daughter from Ch. Royal Colours Newton and Ch. Sweiga’s Frida. Heidi is a grandchild from my longliving Babbler’s His Mastervoice “Oscar, and a grand-grandchild from Babbler’s Lucky Coin, “Lucky my breeding foundation bitch.
This line is for me very worthful so I think I will continue the healthy line.

K640_IMG_2968Heidi developed very well and was successful in Juniorclass. She got with 12 month the title German Junior Champion (ICC).

On 01.02.2014 we must say goodbye to my beloved Lucky- aged past 13 years. We will never forget my lovely foundation bitch and she will lived in her children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren.

kl. Lucky Kopf  4 Jahre

In Summer and Autumn 2014 we’ve got black and tan boy Gostuen’s Lord Linos and blenheim boy Gostuen’s Olympus ” Rufus” from Breeder Inger and Tina Pettersen from Norway.

Gostuen’s Lord Linos, “Linos”, aged 8 month
Gostuen’s Olympus, Rufus” aged 5 weeks.

Thank you Inger and Tina for this lovely boys.
Linos won on Clubshow the title ” best puppy” in the age of 6 month.

In September 2014 Sweiga’s Indian Rose, “Ida” completed her German Champion title. She got on Int.
Show Gießen her 6. CAC and CACIB.

K640_Sweiga's Indian Rose

Laura started at same time in Veteranenclass very successful. I’m pleased about my old, nice, healthy Lady and hope for a successful year 2015.